Consumer Directed Health Care Programs

New rules for 2007

One time tranfer from IRA account to fund HSA Account'

You may now make Max contribution regardless of your dedutible as long as the plan is HSA qualified

The hottest new product in health insurance!

In an era where insurance prices are skyrocketing, and employers are torn between the financial demands of running a company and providing meaningful health benefits to their employees, what is the answer? Consumer Directed Healthcare Program (CDHP) gives a new spin on health insurance as the next generation of employee health benefits.

Unlike many traditional HMO, PPO, and other health benefits services, CDHP's do not rely solely on restricted access to providers, ineffective fee schedule discounts and employee cost shifting as the solution to rising medical costs.

Rather, the CDHP's Executive Benefits Design offers provide several integrated approaches, including:

Supporting health care literacy with informed decision-making tools, helping to maximize employee family involvement in managing their care

Limiting the zone of financial risk and exposure for affordable benefits, simplified administration, individualized benefit design and benefit section tools

Utilizing care management strategies that combine evidence-based medicine standards with early risk assessment, patient self care, disease and case management

Encouraging health promotion and wellness

Providing employee=customized alternatives through voluntary benefit offerings

Creating choices and access to high-performing and accountable provider networks

CDHP offers a key solution for improving employee awareness and education, modifying purchasing behavior, moderating long-term cost trends and increasing employee receptivity when compared to traditional cost-shifting and benefit reduction measures.

Executive Benefits Design can help you evaluate your options, resource commitments and costs of a consumer-directed strategy for your organization. To arrange a consultation about our CDHP product solutions, please contact us at:

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